Underground Olkusz- town hall

The first exhibition is located in the basements of the 14th-century Town Hall, which once stood in the Olkusz main square. The cellars discovered by archaeologists have been adapted for visitors. Walking a few meters under the main square one can see an exhibition which presents the history of Olkusz in an unusual way; called the Silver City, due to the tradition of silver and lead mining which dates back to the Middle Ages. The turbulent history of the town can be explored in a presentation which, based on a map, shows the territorial development of the town and its mining industry, and gives the visitor a closer look on the most important events in its history. Then we can move to Olkusz from the times of its greatest splendor, i.e. the end of the 16th century, by looking at a large spatial model of the town from that period.

Underground Olkusz - county office

The second underground exhibition was located in the basement of the former Royal Quarter, where the seat of the Olkusz mining authorities used to be. Therefore, it is devoted to the mining and metallurgical traditions of Olkusz, as well as to the mint which operated there at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. A great attraction is a spatial model showing how the Olkusz mines developed over the centuries. Here we can see both underground excavations and buildings on the surface. Elements of machinery which were used in the mines at the time are on display, including the treadle wheel and the so-called paternoster. Multi-colored lead and silver ores are on display as well. There is also a section on metallurgy, where you can see replicas of the furnaces that were used to smelt lead and silver.

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„The Silver Chamber”. There, we can see a replica of the Silver Cross of the Olkusz mining entrepreneurs, the original of which is in the Olkusz Basilica.
Where, hundreds of years ago, there was a bellows, we will find a corridor lined with wooden beams. It refers to the Olkusz adits, which enabled the gravitational outflow of water from the mine.
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In the basement you can see a replica of an astrolabe – an astronomical device which belonged to the famous Olkusz astronomer and astrologer Marcin Bylica.

We can admire Olkusz

from the times of its greatest splendor, that is the end of the 16th century, by looking at a large spatial model of the town from that period.
  • Ewa
    I am delighted with the multimedia tour in the basement of the Town Hall and the Royal Quarter, which show the history of our Silver City. The historic basements are really impressive, especially the Silver Chamber, with a replica of the Silver Cross of the Olkusz mining entrepreneurs. There are plenty of interactive elements for children, where they can touch, change or move some of the elements. Every resident of Olkusz (and not just them!) should take a listen to the history of our city. I sincerely recommend it!

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